Best National Drink Beer Day Messages and Quotes (28 September)


National Drink Beer Day in the United States of America is celebrated each year on September 28.

National Drink Beer Day


This day falls right after Oktoberfest and is a great day to remind everyone that it is a day to have a beer and have a good time together. And for that, you need to share some unique Drink Beer quotes and amazing Beer Day messages with your family, friends, co-workers and everyone around you.

Below is the most amazing collection of National Drink Beer Day messages. Share the unique and most original Drink Beer status for WhatsApp and Facebook with everyone.

National Drink Beer Day Quotes & Messages

  1. Let’s have a beer for the man who invented beer because today is National Drink Beer Day and a beer day for all the good reasons for beer.
  2. On the occasion of National Drink Beer Day, let’s create fun memories with this fun drink that gives us every reason to celebrate life.National Drink Beer Day
  3. Beer is probably the most beautiful creation of man and therefore we must love it to the fullest…. Wishing you a very happy National Drink Beer Day.
  4. If you don’t drink beer on National Drink Beer Day, then you are committing a great sin in your life … Don’t do that and have a beer.
  5. Although beer lovers don’t need a reason to drink beer, National Drink Beer Day is certainly a great reason to enjoy a great beer.
  6. On National Drink Beer Day, I am sending you a mug of beer and a large pizza because I love you so much.
  7. The love of beer is the purest of all…. On the special day of National Drink Beer Day, express your love of beer by drinking more and more.
  8. A very happy National Drink Beer Day to all my friends…. Let’s celebrate this day together, drinking some more beer.National Drink Beer Day
  9. National Drink Beer Day celebrations are incomplete without enjoying a good beer with good friends…. Warm wishes on this fun day !!!
  10. National Beer Drinking Day is undoubtedly the most anticipated day for all beer lovers looking for more and more reasons to enjoy a little more beer.


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