Best Christmas Quotes Christmas is the time when we all want to be…


Christmas is the time when we all want to be united with the family, so we leave you beautiful Christmas dedications to express love and peace to your fellow human beings.

Hopefully these harmonious Christmas phrases to send to your family and friends will be very pleasing to all.


Below you will find special Christmas expressions to share with family, friends and other acquaintances.

Best Christmas Quotes - Christmas is the time when we all want to be...

Find beautiful Christmas messages:

– “How beautiful Christmas is, I hope you share it with joy in union with your loved ones. Brotherhood embraces. Merry Christmas Eve”.


– “Christmas Eve is the most pleasant of meetings where love and peace reigns in Jesus and makes us great. Have a Merry Christmas. ”

– “Come to my house this Christmas to share a delicious Christmas dinner as we have not shared for a long time. I give you a hug and many good wishes. Merry Christmas”.

Best Christmas Quotes - Christmas is the time when we all want to be...

– “God blesses us through his acts and ways that he puts to walk, I hope that this Christmas Eve we live the love of Jesus in our hearts. Merry Christmas”.

– “What a beautiful and white Christmas we are going to celebrate, I hope that the coming days will be prosperous and harmonious. Get lots of Merry Christmas hugs. ”

– “Many blessings for all the members of your family, who receive a beautiful Christmas in the company of all the loved ones. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”.


download thoughts to send at Christmas- “I do not want to spend one more Christmas enclosed in four walls, I want to feel the love and the company of my loved ones. Get ready to receive me. Merry Christmas”.

– “It is impossible to achieve union when there is no love, no encouragement of repentance. To all those who separated me from their environment, I wish you a Merry Christmas. “

– “You deserve a merry Christmas, full of love and in family, for that I heartfully wish you to be very happy sharing Christmas with yours. Merry Christmas”.

Best Christmas Quotes - Christmas is the time when we all want to be...

– “Thank God for all the blessings granted, praise the baby Jesus who is about to be born at midnight and ask for our families. Merry Christmas”.

– “May everything be harmonious in your life, we pray to God the Father so that he may be so and that he may protect us with his love and kindness. Merry Christmas”.

– “Love and peace shine on Christmas Eve because Jesus was born to give us his love and his candor, which makes us feel like children. Hug to share a Merry Christmas. ”

– “This Christmas will be the most beautiful of all, because you are being visited by all your grandchildren who have come from abroad especially to wish you a lot of happiness and a Merry Christmas”.

– “I would like to have the happiness of sharing in the family, but I can only see my relatives through an electronic screen. Distance steals a hug and the true feeling of it. Merry Christmas”.

Best Christmas Quotes - Christmas is the time when we all want to be...

We leave these beautiful Christmas phrases to share with the most needy, with family and friends. We also send you the most beautiful Christmas texts to offer to those who appreciate this precious Christmas Eve.


How beautiful is Christmas, there is no more special way to dedicate good omens to your friends and family who share very nice Christmas poems that we offer today.

We will leave you with the following beautiful Christmas texts to send to your loved ones and friends and thus deliver the love that means to share on Christmas Eve.

Also you will find short Christmas SMS that you can download to send to yours, in case you do not have the opportunity to give them a Christmas hug personally.

– “May Christmas bring many joys to your life. Live a special moment next to your relatives. Merry Christmas”.

– “Let the moon shine in the manger and the star of Bethlehem radiate its light on all the faithful so that they may be blessed when the Child Jesus is born. Merry Christmas”.

Best Christmas Quotes - Christmas is the time when we all want to be...

– “I wish you this Christmas the best of the omens, that your objectives achieve them with effort and responsibility. Merry Christmas”.

– “May this Christmas be for you to join more, sometimes a misunderstanding generates separation, at Christmas you should prioritize union and love, that’s why I wish you a Merry Christmas”.

– “Forget thinking things that have no basis, the doubt is not good because it is negative, just think that the truth and faith is what gives you a good life. Share a Merry Christmas. ”

– “Receive a fraternal hug at Christmas, that all your thoughts are good, in improvement of the people you are in charge of. Merry Christmas for everyone. ”

– “We give a prayer to Jesus before his birth so that he comes to us with joy, love and purity, to receive his blessing. Merry Christmas”.


Best Christmas Quotes - Christmas is the time when we all want to be...

– “My sincere wishes for prosperity for this Christmas, may the light of the stars illuminate you and shine before all your loved ones. Merry Christmas”.

– “All I want for Christmas is to have the happiness of God’s love and that it falls on each of the people that make up your family. Merry Christmas Eve”.

– “Many hugs and divine kisses for Christmas Eve, I hope the days are beautiful and you maintain the joy and well-being in your life. Merry Christmas”.

The Most Unique Christmas Traditions in the World

– “Thank God for giving me the joy of sharing a beautiful time of love and peace with my family, that the love of Jesus always accompanies us. Merry Christmas”.

– “Your look reminds me when Christmas was with Grandpa, today I want you to never miss us to share beautiful moments of love and joy. Merry Christmas”.

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