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Alfonso Ferrero La Marmora; Italian soldier and statesman : b. Turin, Italy, Nov. 17, 1804; d. Florence, Jan. 5, 1878. Educated at the Sardinian Military Academy, he joined the Sardinian Army and in the war of 1848-1849 against Austria distinguished himself at Peschiera, being advanced to the rank of brigadier general. After serving briefly as minister of war in 1848, he was reappointed to this office in 1849 and in the following six years did much to reorganize the disrupted army. He commanded the Sardinian expeditionary force sent to the Crimea in 1855, and on his return served once more as minister of war (1856-1859).

Alfonso Ferrero La Marmora

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At the outbreak of war with Austria in 1859, he was appointed chief of the general staff. He served briefly as prime minister of Sardinia in 1859-1860, and then as prefect of Milan (1860) and Naples (1861). Appointed premier of Italy in 1864, he remained in office for two years. In 1866 he negotiated an alliance with Prussia. When the war against Austria was renewed that year, he became chief of the general staff but was forced to resign after the defeat of Custoza. In 1867 he served as minister to France, and in 1870 as governor of Rome. La Marmora wrote much in defense of his conduct of military and political affairs, including Un po’ piĆ¹ di luce sugli eventi dell’ anno 1866 (1873).

His three older brothers also were generals. Carlo Giuseppe Ferrero (1788-1854) fought under Napoleon (1806-1813). Joining the Sardinian Army in 1815, he participated in the war of 1848-1849 against Austria. Alberto Ferrero, conte ui La Marmora (1789-1863), also served in the French and Sardinian armies. During the war of 1848-1849 he commanded a force of Venetian volunteers. Alessandro Ferrero, cavaliere di La Marmora (1799-1856), also fought in the war of 1848-1849. He organized the Bersaglieri and, as commander of the 2d Division, went to the Crimea, where he died of cholera.


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