Abraham Lincoln Timeline – (Timeline of Abraham Lincoln’s Life)


This timeline will describe all the major events that occurred during the life of Abraham Lincoln. It will begin when he was born and will end in his death.

Abraham Lincoln

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You will learn who Abraham Lincoln was reading this timeline. He was one of the heroes of America. Lincoln’s greatest achievement was his emancipation of the slaves.

  • 1809 Abraham Lincoln was born – Lincoln was born in Kentucky on February 12. This became known as “Lincoln Day”.
  • 1817 Abraham Lincoln’s family settles in Indiana – The Lincoln family was established in Perry County, Indiana. This included his father, mother, sister and me.
  • 1831 Lincoln worked for himself – His work included: shipbuilding, navigation, carpentry, gluing of pigs, sawing and felling. He also began to study the law. He re-enlisted in the Black Hawk War.
  • 1842 Abraham Lincoln Married – Abraham Lincoln married Miss Mary Todd of Kentucky. They had four children together.
  • 1856 Organized the Republican Party – Nominated Vice President, but was not elected to his first convention.
  • 1861 Opened President – Abraham Lincoln became the sixteenth President of the United States on March 4, 1861. The Civil War began on April 12.
    Abraham Lincoln

    Source : pixabay.com

  • 1863 Proclaimed Emancipation – On January 1, emancipation was proclaimed. Lincoln delivered a famous speech known as The Gettysburg Address. This occurred on November 19 on the battlefield near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
  • 1864 Abraham Lincoln Reelected President – Abraham Lincoln re-elected on November 8 as the Republican president. It was a unanimous nomination.
  • 1865 Inaugurated president for the second term – Lincoln was inaugurated on March 4 for his second presidential term. He was then killed on April 14 at Ford’s Theater by Wilkes Booth. Booth was killed on April 26.
  • 1922 Lincoln Memorial completed – The Lincoln Memorial was dedicated to Lincoln on May 30. The building is a constant reminder of the importance of Lincoln and his valuable contributions to the history of the country. It is located in Washington D.C.

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