9 Signs of the presence of negative energies in the house


Discover the 9 telltale signs that indicate the presence of negative energies in your home. Learn how to recognize and address these negative energies to create a more positive and harmonious living environment for yourself and your loved ones.


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Often, negative energies are created in the home unintentionally by its residents through fights, bad feelings and conflicts over the years. In other cases, they may come from former residents, ether traces and negative events that occurred years ago. But most of the time, negative energies enter homes through spiritual attacks generated by envy. While positive vibrations infect us and make us enjoy every experience, negative energies can invade us, causing serious problems. The thing is that we do not always know how to identify them. Many times we let ourselves be carried away by them until we feel trapped and unhappy.

When you enter a house, you can feel the energy immediately. You may feel cold or sense that there is someone else in the room next to you. You can’t sleep, you are tired and you don’t know why. Each room in a house has its own energy that can be influenced by many factors. Maybe an event happened that caused quite strong negative emotions or maybe there was a person there who was experiencing a lot of negativity and stress. If we feel better immediately after leaving a certain place, this may be a sign that there are bad energies there.

How do we know if a room or house is filled with negative energy? Here are the nine most common signs:
First sign:

When you walk into the house or one of its rooms, you feel emotionally tired and drained. The feeling of tiredness every time we enter a room and the fact that we feel relief immediately after leaving it may indicate that bad energies have accumulated in that room.

Second sign:

You have a headache. Although the main consequences of negativity manifest in thought form, there is no denying that it is also reflected on a physical level. Constant body aches, headaches and tension are common responses of the body to an excess of negative vibrations. Pay more attention to the physical sensations of discomfort that only occur when you are in a certain place. To do this, of course, you have to be in touch with your body. Perhaps some part of your body begins to ache. You may often feel headaches.

Third sign:

You may suffer from nightmares and insomnia. When we sleep, we are more exposed to the energies of the spiritual planes. Difficulty sleeping, nightmares, waking up in the middle of the night and waking up tired are signs of very specific spiritual attacks. If you have trouble falling asleep in a dwelling or even experience constant nightmares, this could be a sign that negative energies are present in the dwelling. If the area where you perceive negative energies is part of your home, you can use incense. This will chase away all unpleasant odors, vigorously cleanse the room and fill it with more pleasant energies. Also, tidy up the room and remove items that are no longer in use. It will be easier to maintain positive energy. Everyone in the house is attacked, but usually sensitive people and children suffer the most.

Fourth sign:

Plants grow poorly in this house and animals tend to get sick. Negative energies not only affect people, animals and plants are also good at noticing negativity. You can also keep an eye on your pets and see if they behave strangely when they enter a certain room. Also, flowers do not thrive in low-energy spaces. Pets act as true guardian angels of our home because of their desire to protect their owners. Therefore, they end up attracting negative energies towards them. Excessive hair loss and sudden mood swings can also mean that something is wrong.

Fifth sign:

Sensing the presence of unusual odors. You may detect some unpleasant odors in the room and cannot find their source.

Sixth sign: Moodiness and nervousness. This is the most common and sure sign that negative forces are present in a home. Negative forces attack the emotional field and bring out the worst feelings of people in the family environment. This entity makes it difficult to live together, as it gradually destroys relationships. Negative changes in your mood can be very harmful to your physical and mental health. Feelings such as anger, nervousness and stress prevent us from thinking clearly and can have serious consequences at the individual and social level. It is very important to learn to manage, identify and control strong emotions. In this case, it is important to review the attitude of the subjects involved and the environment in which we find ourselves. Aromatherapy, general cleaning and relaxing sounds can improve everyone’s attitude.

Seventh sign:

Things that keep breaking. Some objects absorb negative energies very intensely. Over time, in some cases, the voltage is so high that an object can break into several pieces by itself, without any contact.

Eighth sign:

There are strange noises, knocking, voices and strange sounds of unknown origin. These are strong signs of the presence of dark forces. These noises originate from the manifestation of negative energies on the physical plane. In other cases, the sounds are produced by the accumulation of dense energies in the wood or metals of the house.

Ninth sign:

Sudden sensation of cold. Don’t be afraid, but sudden cold sensations in a place may indicate the presence of a lost spirit. This happens because the energy field of this spirit can interfere with our vital body. This is a sure sign that there are also negative energies in a certain place.


The more signs there are in your home, the more urgent the need for energetic protection. Purifying and protecting your home is very important for you and your family. Energetic cleansing can be done through small rituals based on some prepared objects or special procedures that help us to remove negative energies from the house. When we get rid of it, we rebalance our environment, protect ourselves and regain balance.

Commit to improving the energies in your home and you will see many good things begin to happen. Energy cleansing rituals have long been associated with dark and gloomy practices, but the truth is that a well-performed ritual is more beneficial than you think. And by clearing our space of negative energies, it allows it to be filled again with positive energy, new experiences and people who could make a change in our lives.

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