Lemons. Most people don’t like them very much, but they are healthy for sure! They are full of vitamin C and dietary fibre and have many other health benefits. We have listed 6 of them for you here.

Good for your heart

Lemons are a source of vitamin C. One lemon contains 31mg. So by eating a lemon, you already meet 51% of your daily vitamin C requirement.

Research shows that eating fruit and vegetables rich in vitamin C can drastically reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The high concentration of dietary fibre in lemons should not be overlooked either. This lowers your cholesterol and thus contributes to a healthy heart.

6 Advantages of Eating Lemons

Helps weight loss

Lemons are often associated with losing weight. Researchers suspect that the pectin fibers in the lemon expand in the stomach, making you feel full for longer. As a result, you will have less need to eat more, which means you’re more likely to lose weight.

Prevents kidney stones

Kidney stones are small nodules in the kidneys. They are very painful and are caused by the crystallization of waste products that accumulate in the kidneys.

Citric acid can prevent these annoying nodules. It not only increases the amount of urine, but also the PH value in your urine. This creates an unfavorable environment for the formation of kidney stones. Only half a cup (125ml) of lemon juice a day can prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Prevents anaemia

Anaemia, due to lack of iron in the blood, is common. It happens when you don’t get enough iron from your food.

Lemons do not contain a lot of iron, but they do make it easier for you to absorb iron from food. This can be very important if, for example, you are a vegetarian. It is actually a lot harder for humans to absorb iron from plant-based food than from animal food.

Reduces the risk of cancer

A healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables can reduce the risk of cancer. A number of studies have shown that people who eat the most citrus fruits have a reduced risk of cancer. 

Furthermore, test-tube studies have shown that parts of the lemon can destroy cancer cells. However, this has not yet been demonstrated in the human body itself.

6 Advantages of Eating Lemons

Good for digestion

Lemons are a source of dietary fiber. The most important of these are the pectin fibres. These fibres ensure that your sugar and starch are digested more slowly so that your blood sugar level does not become too high.


However, you have to eat the pulp of the lemon. Just drinking the juice doesn’t have the same effect.

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