5 Fanciest Hotel Rooms In America


Everyone needs some rest and relaxation every once in a while and America has all that and much more to offer.While there are a lot of options to choose from, not all hotel rooms are built equally

Hotel rooms come in all shapes, sizes, prices and customizations that while some would find queer, some might think of it as their dream vacation. Here are some of them which you might consider booking soon:

5 Fanciest Hotel Rooms In America

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This grand 114-year-old hotel lies just outside Lenox in Massachusetts and features old fashioned opulence as its main theme which is set on burnt orange woodland. This icon is a remnant of the gilded turn of the previous century. This hotel is manicured in every detail and looks like a perfect blend of an English manor and a Scottish castle. When inside your room, you get warm fires, antiques everywhere and free flowing cheese fondue.

This hotel has 23 rooms, 8 of which are suites. For full exposure of old world luxury, be sure to book one of those eight which lie in the old house. The Crimson Suite’s palatial four posters, wood burning fireplace and dressing room with antique accessories are sure to give you that full grand experience.


We know how they make first world prison cells in Norway where their inmates live better lives than most of us, but America has an answer to that with Boston’s Liberty Hotel. This luxury property was formerly known as the Charles Street Jail, a prison which once upon a time housed some popular inmates including Malcolm X and James Curley.


Liberty Hotel is a luxury hotel and while there are some references to its past all throughout the structure, you are guaranteed a safe and comfortable stay while housed here. Everything about the place is tasteful and has topnotch amenities which include bicycles, a running concierge and en suite bars.


This top rated hotel sits on the banks of the Colorado River in the midst of Moab, Utah’s popular red buttes. This five-star resort will surely be loved by outdoor enthusiasts with the abundant adventure offerings which it has to offer as well as its proximity to Arches National Park.

Although this resort is not very accessible as it likes around 250 miles away from Salt Lake City, its frequent guests appreciate the seclusion and peace that this place has to offer. Some would say that this makes activities such as yoga and hiking more enjoyable.


The Queen Mary is a decommissioned luxury cruise ship that had its heyday way back in the 1930s. This was an era where luxury ships were where all the rich and powerful rubbed elbows with each other, just like a scene from “Titanic.” The Queen Mary in itself actually has some history to it as it had transported over 750,000 military personnel in 2002 including no other than Winston Churchill. Nowadays, The Queen Mary serves the public as a hotel, museum and a popular dining destination.

The more interesting part, however, is that this ship suffers from a sever infestation of ghosts. There have been a lot of sightings reported while billeted within this ship.


A treehouse might not be exactly the first accommodation that would come to mind when you think about a five star accommodation, but those in Out’N’About are far from those crude and creaky places where you might have spent a lot of time as a child. While they are still situated in treetops, these suites are full family sized and are complete with bathrooms, small kitchens and beds. What makes it more interesting is that each and every treehouse is unique and there are 18 of them to choose from.


There is one treehouse with a skylight while some are exclusively accessible through swinging bridges and after going from one zipline to another. Owner Michael Garnier is proud to have the most number of treehouses in one locality.

While almost every hotel can offer you a good night’s rest, not every hotel can give you an out of this world experience like any of these can. Have you tried staying in any other fancy hotel? What was it like? Share with us your experiences and memories in the comments below.

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