5 Cliche Free Marriage Proposal Ideas


The jewelers see an increase in business as couples come together to choose the perfect rings to take their relationship to the next level.

But the amount of clichés that many of us still use to propose marriage is amazing: 9 out of 10 proposals in Paris are in the Eiffel Tower, to scream!


To help you avoid the pitfalls of an unconvincing proposal, we have outlined the 5 clichés to avoid presenting the question to that special person:

5 Cliche-Free Marriage Proposal Ideas

Cliche of proposal # 1: Potentially risking life

Seriously, why would you risk risking your life partner to death in his own engagement ring because you thought it was a brilliant idea to hide it in the dessert?


Even if choking is avoided, the ring could cause a broken tooth, plus it will be sticky and disgusting coming out of the sticky dessert on which it has been sitting. Ridiculous idea throughout the tour.

The same applies to spell “Will you marry me?” In spaghetti with alphabet. Horrific.

Cliche of proposal # 2: sharing the moment with 20,000 “close friends”

Yes, that’s right, let’s have the audience present at this sporting event share our special moment and exert enormous pressure on you to say “Yes” and I then laugh if you think this is the worst idea of ​​all time and go down.

I hope you do not mind if I stay for the second half. These tickets were not cheap, you know? You are so selfish sometimes.

Cliché of proposal # 3: Risk of vertigo in the Eiffel Tower / Empire State Building / London Eye

Hi, I’m your boyfriend and I have a massive void of white noise where my imagination should be, so I’ll just take you to the elevator of a huge building and propose, just a few feet away from another 5 creative bankruptcy. couples doing exactly the same.

5 Cliche-Free Marriage Proposal Ideas


If we are very lucky, we will see that tearful woman who shouts “Yes!” in the background of our celebration photos. Then we can contemplate the skyline of Paris / New York / London and silently repress our cries at the idea of ​​spending the next 60 years together. Funny!

Proposal Cliche # 4: Move Flash (Unless it is unbearably creative)

Unless it’s Busby Berkeley, you’re not at all, but they are not.

And judging by the amount of YouTube videos about them, they’re already a pretty tired cliché. Chances are that whatever you are visualizing has already been done perfectly by someone else (like this Downtown Disney / Bruno Mars proposal), or anyone who shares their inevitable incorporation into the YouTube horde will come out thinking that the has copied.

Unless you can be ridiculously creative and gather a lot of resources to make it happen, just do not get upset.

5 Cliche-Free Marriage Proposal Ideas

Proposal Cliche # 5: The proposal of Valentine’s Day

Ugh Just do not do it For the love of everything that is romantic, choose another day more than this. Even Christmas day is a better bet.

So, now that we’ve covered the 5 things we should avoid when asking the question, here are 5 unique and creative ways … And that’s how to do it correctly

You do not have to break new ground when you propose marriage. After all, the proposal is only one day in your relationship, while the marriage is for life. So, there is nothing wrong with a simple and elegant dinner and a ring (in a box, not in the soufflé).

However, if you must be creative, here are 5 unique ideas to sweep your love off your feet:

Shoot a trailer for a fake movie

If your other half is a fan of the movie, why not create a fake movie trailer that will be played at your local moving house before the movie starts? Give it an angle in the line of “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told”, throw a heartfelt statement of love choppy with old video footage of the two, and voila.


5 Cliche-Free Marriage Proposal Ideas

Decent HD video cameras with attached microphones are quite affordable these days, and the vast majority of the theaters deal with digital movie files instead of real film reels. Therefore, it should be a simple task to provide the video on a memory device with time to be able to swipe it among the other ads that are shown before the movie. It will not be Scorsese quality, but hopefully your future spouse will be surprised too.

But if you have enough money, you can probably get Scorsese to do it …

Bury a time capsule with an engagement ring

This requires a little foresight and planning (it is better to anticipate that this person is indicated).

Bury a time capsule with an engagement ring hidden inside gives you the opportunity to say “I knew I wanted to marry you from the date X” when you unearth and propose, giving it that extra romantic touch.

If you do not want to risk your big investment staying on the ground waiting for a dog or treasure hunter to find it accidentally, you can cheat it. Write a note with a date in the past, add it to the capsule and bury it the night before it really goes to propose (we will not say it).

Learn to play an instrument,

In addition to learning to play an instrument (which is already impressive), you get bonus points if you learn how to play an instrument that you already play and / or love and then you can play a song that expresses how you feel.

Actually, you could combine this with the aforementioned flashmob cliché, a metal band you “cross” with that suddenly makes you jump on a trombone or whatever (Ferris Bueller style). That’s much better than a music band that recreates that corny scene of 10 things that I hate about you and then you get on your knees. Yawn.

5 Cliche-Free Marriage Proposal Ideas

Create a scrapbook

Avoid the cliché of the birthday proposal / Christmas / Valentine’s Day and give your love a scrapbook full of photos of you two together from nothing. Choose a day at random when you do not expect anything special.


The last page should be titled “Our Greatest Adventure” or something similar and have an image of a sign that says “Will You Marry Me” or even a picture of you kneeling and holding the ring (which is your signal to do so). real). Creative, original and intimate: the final proposal trifecta.

Mobile treasure hunt

Treasure hunts that take other halves around cities, countries and even the world before they are finally asked, the big question has already been used as a method of proposal. But given the effort required to configure one, it triumphs over any potentially cliché element of this type of proposal.

So take out your Google Maps and find some fun and meaningful places to send to your beloved.

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