27 Ideas to prepare your New Year’s resolutions


If you are already thinking about it or if you have not already done so, we leave you 27 Ideas to prepare your New Year’s resolutions. Let’s go with everything!

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We are not going to leave him the slightest chance of escaping from our hands. This day of Kings we want to dedicate it to share some ideas to prepare your Christmas purposes.

If you have already done so, keep reading because we have several ideas to organize them better. They can help you to give them order, structure and help them to be fulfilled.

On the contrary, if you have not yet been able to prepare it, today we have a free day in Spain, it may be the ideal occasion to sit down for a while and do it. Nothing better than to start the year with the focus and all the efforts aimed at achieving what we want to achieve.

We hope these ideas help you to organize your New Year’s resolutions so that they are not realities. For them!


27 Ideas to prepare your New Year’s resolutions

1. Self control

To think about your New Year’s resolutions, you must make sure you have a lot of self-control: knowing that you are the owner of your destiny and the only person capable (and responsible) of achieving it.

2. Stress out

Before proposing your New Year’s resolutions, think that it is not an activity that should fill you with stress and anxieties. It is a nice activity to enjoy the Christmas days and focus on your goals.

3. Goodbye negative emotions

Do not be hard on yourself. Set realistic goals and think of a long-term plan to meet them. Nothing happens if there are moments of weakness. We all have them. Blaming yourself or filling yourself with negative emotions will only demotivate you and move you away from the goal.

4. Think small

Contrary to what we usually say about “think big”, thinking small is usually better. It is not about conforming or not wanting good things for you. It’s about that sometimes we set ourselves too big goals. When we do not fulfill them, we usually fill with frustration and negative emotions that do not do us good. Embrace big and possible goals; but say goodbye to those who are so big that they really refer us to the world of fantasy.

5. Be specific

Having many New Year’s resolutions at the same time is usually another common mistake. We live in a society where more is better. But when it comes to goals, less is the correct answer. Less anxiety and better focus if we set goals that we can meet.

6. Constancy

Many of the New Year’s resolutions that we draw are actually new habits that we want to incorporate. In order to build a new habit in your life, it is necessary to make conscious decisions over time.

7. Backup system

A goal says what to do but does not say how to achieve it. It is important to invest time developing step by step to achieve what we propose. You need to have a goal but also to build a system that helps you to be consistent in order to achieve it.

8. Do not postpone it

It is a bad idea to start the year without focus and even worse to postpone the actions that will bring you closer to your goals.

9. Leave the fear of change

Sometimes we sabotage ourselves for fear of change. Outside. Enough. A new year is full of changes and small revolutions. Everything changes. Do not stop doing it out of fear. Human beings evolve constantly.

10. Reflect on the previous year

It is the first step. Reflecting on the previous year gives you the soil to build new purposes. It tells you what is left pending and allows you to analyze why you could not reach it. It can also give you a rush to analyze everything that is good -proposed or not- that has happened. This is my favorite part. I love analyzing the years.

11. Start with only one purpose

One at a time. This does not mean that you can not achieve more than one purpose per year, this only means that you must focus on one at a time. The good news is that a single healthy habit of initiation triggers a chain reaction. If you trace a purpose and see that you achieve it, you will feel more qualified to follow through on the next one.

27 Ideas to prepare your New Year's resolutions

12. Write them on a piece of paper

Writing means that your goal stops being an invisible idea or thought, which helps you visualize it concretely and take action. If you did not do it in the Spirit of Christmas it does not matter, you can pick it up now or develop your own ritual to do it. From the simplest: write them on plain paper. Even the most elaborate: creating your own treasure map. In another article we will tell you how to do it very soon.

13. Turn your purpose into action

Think about where you are going to start and ask yourself: What easy action could I do right now to begin my purpose? From there you can draw a plan.

14. Make a list of what you need and another list of what you want

They are different things and often it is convenient to distinguish. Start by making a list of everything you need. Then make another list of everything you want. Little by little. The first is before.

15. Make your intentions about yourself

You can not propose to change others or change things that do not depend on you. Another thing is to ask for New Year wishes for the world, your family, etc.

16. Plan ahead

To ensure success, you need to first investigate the change you are going to make to organize yourself and have the resources available when you need them.

17. Choose a date to start

You do not need to start all these changes at the same time on January 1. Look at your year and choose on what date to start, according to when you think you can have the resources available to carry out your plans.

18. Go for it!

When the big day comes, go for it 100%. Commit yourself and write your purpose and motivating phrase on a piece of paper or a blank card to help you achieve it.

19. Accept your mistakes

If one day you wake up later, skip a yoga class, or do not look for the information you need to start your business, do not blame yourself or hate yourself.

20. Give yourself a reward

The small rewards are very useful to encourage you to continue fulfilling your purposes in the first difficult days.

27 Ideas to prepare your New Year's resolutions

21. Read your resolutions frequently

Every day, as you get up, read your New Year’s resolutions. And when you go to sleep that same day, before you enter your bed, read them again! Keep them present. Do not lose focus.

22. Separate them by areas

Sometimes it is better to separate your purposes by areas: studies, relationships, health, money. Having them more organized will help you to plan better.

23. More and less

Another good way to organize them is to classify them in the things you want to do less and get out of your life; and the things you want to do more. It is visual. You could paste it somewhere visible.

24. Mind maps

Another good way to visualize and organize your purposes is to create a diagram. I usually start like this.

25. Month to month

Just as we have said that one step at a time, another way of organizing it is to trace one purpose per month. This would allow you to incorporate the new routines little by little.

26. In the boat

Crystal (or the one you have) you can start putting your New Year’s resolutions. In the picture they place acknowledgments every week. It can also be a way to come up and remind you at the end of the year of all the good things you have achieved.

27. A touch of mysticism

Is not more. Put all the good energy to your purposes, all year long, and when you prepare them. I, for example, relate it to the Chinese New Year. I did it that way once and I liked it a lot, so I’ve continued to do it. Drawing to which will be the animal of the year according to this horoscope, with the colors of which I want to fill my year. And, around, I add my New Year’s resolutions. Each with a ritual.


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