15 Best Humorists Quotes, The Humor of Intelligence


Humor is one of the deadliest weapons in the world when used wisely. Intelligent humor makes us think, makes us reflect on aspects of life that we often consider banal, but which are not necessarily banal.

This is why humor is so important in everyday life. Sometimes, it only takes a good phrase, a few sarcasm phrases, or a good irony, to allow us to alleviate matters that mortify us. In fact, if we dig a little deeper, we can discover the scientifically proven benefits of laughter. For this reason, in Phrases of Life we ​​wanted to make this article on Phrases of Humorists: to make us laugh, yes, but also to reflect.


15 Best Humorists Quotes | The Humor of Intelligence

Humor is therefore crucial, and people who know how to do it intelligently are essential in our lives. Not only because we don’t care, or teach us that everything can be taken a little more lightly – without losing seriousness – but also because a good humorist can make us change our points of view almost without noticing it: without confronting that collide with reality that sometimes means admitting wrong. Are you ready to know these humorous phrases? Join us!

The Best Quotes of Humorists

  • 1. There is nothing more fun than when something unexpected happens at a funeral, because in a tragic situation is when you feel like laughing the most: that’s humor, the unexpected.- Álex de la Iglesia
  • 2. Humor does not necessarily lead to laughter, or even a smile, humor fulfills its task “only” by showing us that things can be seen in very different ways than usual, because if something achieves humor it is Separate ourselves from the routine and make a Cicerone through places never suspected.- Ángel R. Idígoras
  • 3. Humor is the only form of communication, in which a stimulus with a high level of complexity produces a stereotyped and predictable response at a reflex physiological level.- Arthur Koestler
  • 4. Humor is a power tool. It gives us a different perspective on our problems and an attitude of detachment and control. If you can laugh at something, you’ve already won the game! – Bill Cosby
  • 5. When I was a child, I complained to my father about the lack of toys and he responded by pointing his forehead with his index finger: This is the best toy ever created. Everything is here. Therein lies the secret of our happiness.- Charles Chaplin
  • 6. I like people who make me laugh. I honestly think laughing is the thing I like the most. Heals a multitude of ills and is probably the most important thing in a person.- Audrey Herpburn
  • 7. Discovering the humor key of a culture is very difficult. And when you discover it, then, you understand that culture. Sometimes I am talking, saying things that seem silly to me, and people laugh. In fact, in Africa we have the feeling that whites laugh at nonsense.- Boniface Ofogo
  • 8. People should use, as an instrument to dedramatize hyperserious people, this phrase: “Excuse me, I thought you had a sense of humor.” That has a magical effect. Everyone tries to prove that one was wrong. It is this aspiration to have a sense of humor that leads me to think that a sense of humor is our only salvation.- Branko Bokun
  • 9. All of my photos are built around the idea of ​​getting myself into trouble and thus giving myself a chance to be desperately serious in my attempt to appear like a normal little gentleman.- Charles Chaplin
  • 10. To the irritation of all kinds of authority representatives, children devote considerable energy to “playing the clown.” They do not want to appreciate the seriousness of our enormous concerns, while we forget that, if we became a little more like children, our concerns might not be so huge.- Conrad Hyers
  • 11. Life is a play that does not allow rehearsals … Therefore, sing, laugh, dance, cry and live intensely every moment of your life … Before the curtain falls and the play ends without applause.- Charles Chaplin
  • 12. What is wrong with inciting the rejection of a religion, if the activities and actions of that religion are so intolerable, irrational and abusive of human rights that they deserve to be totally rejected.- Rowan Atkinson
  • 13. People who see life as nothing more than pure entertainment are wrong.- George Carlin
  • 14. The world should laugh more, but after having eaten.- Mario Moreno «Cantinflas»
  • 15. I’m not sure how I became a comedian or comic actor. Maybe it is not. In any case, I have made a good living for a number of years posing as one of them.- Groucho Marx

Great phrases, without a doubt, and from great men and women of comedy. These have been our humorous phrases, what do you think? And, in particular, what do you think of the greatest humorist of all time, the phrases of Charles Chaplin? This is one of the greats. He showed us that humor is a multipurpose tool: as political, social, and even moral criticism. Humor serves to point us out to the wrong, without removing our smile, and to help us realize everything we could possibly correct. That is why we must always listen to those great humorists who, with insight and intelligence, know how to make a joke to get closer to reflection. Leave us your opinion about these phrases in the comments, we will be looking forward to reading you!


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