10 Ways to Congratulate Christmas in This Digital Age


Mobile phones, emails, apps, sms … more and more media available. Came the day. Take a look at these 10 Ways to congratulate Christmas in this digital age.

Came the day! ¨ … Santa Claus is coming to town … ¨. After a month of having premiered as author in this cool Christmas blog, today is the big day. This night will not be any night, but on Christmas Eve. And I hope to leave you a few tips in this post to congratulate Christmas.


Congratulating Christmas is not for everyone. We are clear that we are not all super fans of Christmas but, often, it is a nice excuse to get back in touch or tell people that we care about them, that we love them, that we remember them and that we wish them the best.

It is not nonsense. How many has happened to you that after months of not knowing a person, reappears just on Christmas night or New Year? Part of that is the magic of Christmas. That something beautiful that unites us. Would not you like to take this year to appear and say something to the people that matter most to you? These opportunities are best not wasted.

Yes, congratulating Christmas can be a complex task but here are some alternatives in case you want to try it. Better to organize it before spending Christmas Eve with the phone trying to congratulate the crazy. Let’s go there!


1. Whatsapp


Obvious. This great tool is the simplest and safest option. You can do it in the simplest way: taking a little time in your spare time and writing to your contacts one by one whatever you want to tell them. I use this option most of the years because, although it takes more time to congratulate Christmas, it is quite personalized. It allows me to see when was the last time I spoke with that person and to dedicate some words related to what I am living.

If you are looking for a simpler alternative, you can always share massively (because the tool allows it) a message to congratulate the Christmas that you have prepared personally to send to your contacts; a video; a joke; or, well, prepare a nice picture or family photo and share it in that way.

WhatsApp allows you to send the same message to many people at once and you can take advantage of it. We do not recommend sending the typical Christmas chains. So be a simple Merry Christmas will get much more attention from your contacts and will be more genuine than something copied and pasted.

You can always use emoji creatively to make it more attractive. Personally, I think this year I will do something like that. I’m still deciphering it.

2. SMS

How is it different from WhatsApp? Well, it’s a little more old school and that has its charm. Among the thousands of Whatsapps that we usually have on those Christmas nights, an SMS can be a great idea to highlight. You can create a short and beautiful text, send it to your contacts and appear in your mobile inboxes.


3. Calls

Christmas calls

If the SMS seems like the old school, imagine the calls. Probably the youngest will not understand us but for us, the calls were the best. Where are those times in which a call was the way to show interest? Yes, maybe it requires more time, money and effort, but if you really want to do something special and be remembered, probably, you’d better call.

You do not have to call all your contacts. This way of congratulating Christmas goes more for the really special people in your life. Call them this Christmas Eve (or the days before) and show them that you care.

4. Letters

Christmas letters

We are going to the pre-history of communications with this way of congratulating Christmas. Honestly, my favorite. The letters are a precious way to keep in touch. If you are romantics like me, it’s time to dust off pretty leaves and write some lines for those people that matter to us. A letter is a Christmas gift in itself. Can you imagine the face of those people when they receive it? Worth it!

5. Postcards

Christmas Postcards

Far from home? Have you gone on a Christmas getaway? Nothing happens. A beautiful way to have a detail with those who matter most you can be sending them a postcard from wherever you are. Write a beautiful phrase, sign it and it is present in some way.

6. Apps

Today there are applications to congratulate Christmas. There are many. They are easy to use and allow you to create nice things to send to your contacts. SMS Christmas, for example, helps you send congratulations to your contact list. For this, it has memes, GIFS, videos and audios. It can be downloaded for free on Google Play.

Elf Yourself, one of the applications of Christmas greetings with more downloads, allows you to create videos that can then be shared on social networks. It is available for Android and iOS.

7. Notes

Christmas notes


If you are in the office, leave notes in the stalls of your colleagues to congratulate Christmas. I’m a fan of post its and the things that -with creativity- you can do with them. You can also leave them at home, in the rooms of those who live with you. Having a nice detail is very simple.

8. Social networks

Christmas Social networks

If you are a very active user in social networks you will probably prefer to congratulate Christmas by this means. You have several alternatives:

You can create an image, video or text, share it in your profiles with all your followers.
You can also make a publication and tag those you want to congratulate.
Or, even if you want to go further, create a publication dedicated to these special people in these holidays, dedicate a few words of thanks, etc.
Another option is to send them private messages through the networks.

9. Emails

Perhaps the most corporate way to congratulate Christmas is via email. But, it does not have to be the most boring form. You can use the email to surprise with a nice, emotional message or with a lot of sense of humor. Sure you will stand out in many inboxes. The effect is similar to that achieved with the cards.

10. Solidarity

Christmas Solidarity

Solidarity is also a way of congratulating Christmas even to people you may not know directly. If more than sending congratulations you want to share the spirit with more people, do something big, you can collaborate with some cause. Solidarity reflects the true essence of these days.

Whatever you choose to congratulate Christmas, I hope you take this opportunity to show your love and gratitude to each of the people who are part of your life and your year.

Merry Christmas!


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