One of the sports branches that especially women tend to tend to recently is the pilates sport that can be practiced by anyone from 7 to 70.

Joseph Hubertus Pilates, who brought this sport to the world, aimed to connect the mind and the body. The difference of Pilates, bearing traces of Eastern and Western philosophies, from other sports; It is a method and method of application aimed at developing the abdominal-back region and gaining body coordination. Pilates movements are basically; It is based on the principles of concentration, control, centering, fluency, precision and breathing.

The answer to the question of how to do Pilates is quite simple. The important point is that the movements are done as described, when they are sufficiently warmed up. Not all muscles are fully opened can cause serious negativity. Correctly done pilates is extremely beneficial. Here are 10 reasons to do pilates …

10 Reasons to Do Pilates - Contribution of Pilates to Our Health

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Pilates Enhances the Body Equally

With this physical fitness system, your body develops equally and body asymmetries are corrected. So much so that experts recommend pilates as a supportive treatment method for problems such as hunchback.

Preferred by Athletes, Pilates

Expressed as a means of transition between soul and body language, the effect of pilates increasing muscle density enables dancers and athletes to benefit from this sport.

10 Reasons to Do Pilates - Contribution of Pilates to Our Health

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There Is No Condition To Be Young And Strong In This Sport

Pilates is an ideal sport for all ages. For this reason, you are never considered old to do this sport. Moreover, you don’t have to be very healthy and strong. When you do these exercises regularly, you will get stronger and regain your health. However, if there is any factor that affects your endurance, such as flu or cold, you should not force yourself.

Breathing Correctly Makes You More Agile

Pilates tools such as pilates ball, pilates bands, pilates circle are used in pilates. The Pad – O – Pull Instrument used in Pilates is produced to assist an opera singer in controlled breathing. As your blood circulation accelerates and your muscles get stronger, you become more agile because you breathe more regularly.

10 Reasons to Do Pilates - Contribution of Pilates to Our Health

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Positively Affect the Heart, Lungs and Circulatory System

Thanks to the exercises, the joint areas are strengthened, the muscles are tightened and the blood circulation is accelerated. Therefore, oxygen transport to your cells becomes easier. For this reason, pilates contributes not only to aesthetic appearance but also to a healthy life. Exercises play an important role in the development of the heart, lungs and circulatory system.

Eliminates Stress

Pilates breathing technique and stretching movements allow you to relax. When you control your breathing and increase your concentration, you will be relieved of stress with the effect of endorphin secretion.

Works as a muscle relaxant medication

Pilates with a chair is a very good alternative for those who cannot spare much time for exercises in their daily life or for those who have mobility restrictions. Exercises you can do with the Chair Tool (chair) are effective against low feet, weak ankles, swelling and sprains. Thanks to this sport, bone diseases such as hernia, disc slips, sciatica, rheumatism, anklosen spondalitis can be treated.

10 Reasons to Do Pilates - Contribution of Pilates to Our Health

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A suitable sport for expectant mothers

This sport, which provides correct breathing, ensures that pregnant women pass the process comfortably and do not have difficulties during birth. Expectant mothers who have had an uneventful pregnancy of 3.5-4 months can do it with the approval of the doctor. In addition, pilates is beneficial in restoring the body’s former vitality after birth.

Also Suitable for Children

This sport, which provides rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system; gives children strength, flexibility and coordination.


It is also recommended for those suffering from insomnia

It can also be said that pilates supports sleep. Thanks to its muscle relaxant and stress-reducing effect, this sport is a good alternative for those who have trouble sleeping.


This sport is an extremely beneficial sport that should not be seen as just a method of staying fit. However, it should be done under the supervision of people who have received pilates training and in accordance with the approval of the doctor. We recommend that you be full before exercising and consume a balanced menu rich in carbohydrates and protein.

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