10 Exercises Against Knee Problems


Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a fitness fanatic or a daily walker, knee pain can drastically reduce any of these activities.

It can make your favorite activity a real hell. Knee pain is a common problem. According to the Cleveland Clinic, over 18 million people visit a doctor every year because of knee problems.


10 Exercises Against Knee Problems

The good news is that knee problems can often be remedied. Exercises are often prescribed to relieve the knee pain or to strengthen the knee around the muscle. You can do these exercises easily from home, so that you can get rid of your symptoms faster and at your own pace.

Sports and knee problems

Stretching the muscles around the knee is a good way to get rid of knee problems. Not only does it strengthen the muscle, but it also increases your flexibility and movement results. What many people don’t know is that it’s better to keep moving your knee when you suffer from it. If you try to relieve your knee pain by moving as little as possible, you only increase the chance that the knee will become stiff, which can make the pain worse.


Subtly stretching and strengthening the muscles around the knee has positive effects, also during sports. A stronger knee is better able to absorb blows during, for example, running.

10 Exercises Against Knee Problems

Because it is such a common problem, we have listed here 10 exercises that will help you get rid of your knee problems:

  1. Hamstring stretch
  2. Quadricep stretch
  3. Extending the heel and calf
  4. Half squat
  5. Calf raises
  6. Hamstring curl
  7. Lay extensions
  8. Lay raises
  9. Side leg raises
  10. Prone leg raise
10 Exercises Against Knee Problems

Before you start doing the above exercises, it is recommended to consult a general practitioner or doctor. They can determine much more accurately what is good for you right now.

Once you have built up enough strength in your knee, you can think about exercising again. However, it may be more suitable to opt for sports that put as little strain on your knee as possible, such as swimming, walking or yoga. With these sorts of activities, the knee is not exposed to direct impact, so sports can become a hobby again without having to endure any pain.

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