10 Best Happy Memorial Day Wishes, Happy Memorial Day


Memorial Day is the day of national commemoration dedicated to all those who died serving the United States of America.

Originally called Decoration Day, this day everyone remembers and honors the sacrifices made by the army men who gave their lives to bring glory and freedom to their nation. This day falls on the last Monday of the month of May and is celebrated as an honor for veterans.


Explore the wonderful collection of the latest wishes and text messages of Happy Memorial Day 20xx that you can use to wish your family and friends. Remind them of the contributions made by the soldiers who brought happiness and glory into their lives as they gave theirs. Use these precious inspirational quotes to wish them all.

10 Best Happy Memorial Day Wishes

  1. Today is the day to thank all those who enlightened our lives with happiness and freedom. Let’s bow our heads and remember the sacrifices of the soldiers. Happy Memorial Day 20xx.
  2. The real heroes never die. They always live in our hearts to inspire, motivate and guide us in our lives. Sending your best wishes on Memorial Day in memory of the true heroes we lost.
  3. It requires a lot of spirit to sacrifice your life for your country and leave your children in freedom. Let us save some minutes to remember and thank such wonderful souls. Happy Memorial Day for you.
  4. Let us thank all the men and women who are no longer among us to protect our country by giving their lives. Happy Memorial Day for you and your family.
  5. On this occasion of Memorial Day, we thank each person who has served and protected the country and brought happiness to our lives. I wish you a warm and happy Memorial Day.
  6. Nothing means anything until the moment you have no freedom to think, freedom to speak and freedom to act. Let’s give thanks to all those who brought freedom to our lives. Happy Memorial Day.
  7. Today we thank all the Veterans, fallen Heroes of America who gave their lives to serve the nation. I wish you and your family a warm and happy Memorial Day 20xx.
  8. Sending a lot of love to our armed forces and their families that have always contributed to make our nation a better place to live. Sending your best wishes on Memorial Day 20xx.
  9. May God bless all the men and women of service of the present and the past for their selfless contribution towards the country and the compatriots. Warm regards to everyone at Happy Memorial Day 20xx.
  10. Sending warm wishes to the armed forces of the United States that have always been fighting for the glory, happiness and growth of the country and the countrymen. Happy Memorial Day. God bless you!!


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