Use Region in a Sentence

Use Region in a sentence. How to use the word Region in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Region.

Definition of Region

Examples of Region in a sentence

*** The Caucasus is a region of rich mineral resources.

*** It lies in an agricultural region growing rice and sugar cane.

*** This is the only species of flamenco in the region, easily recognizable by its pink plumage.

*** This region is home to many species of wild flowers.

*** The botanist introduced a new species of plant in the region.

*** In this case, the insertable cartridge can be sealed axially in its peripheral region on the intake side.

*** These networks are inevitably created at the regional level because the findings are usually confined to a limited geographical region.

*** Could the economic malaise galvanize the region?

*** The Russian region of Karelia, which is located near the border with Finland, is a picturesque area of ??lakes and forests very popular with Russian tourists during the summer holidays.

*** Use the Primal-Dual path flow method to toggle the inequality in the equation and introduce an impediment parameter to ensure that the optimization is always in the feasible region, predicts the calculation.

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