Use Based in a Sentence

Use Based in a sentence. How to use the word Based in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Based.

Definition of Based

Examples of Based in a sentence

*** Trickstick is based on a novel electrical effect, using the human body as an antenna to pick up the buzz of the electrical network.

*** Aerial cableway: Or call the rope, the use is based on the stilts of the crane that runs the cable.

*** But unlike other roaming systems, the system is based on satellite image and aerial photography of different geographical areas and different resolutions.

*** It is based on the concept of indefinite admittance matrix and uses an algebraic method of symbolic code in the generation of symbolic network functions.

*** According to Marx, the ontological dimension is original and these two dimensions are based on praxis.

*** Negativist philosophy is based on ontological denial.

*** Based on the ideological and methodical system of the Tao on the ontological level originated from Lao-zi, he constructed his theory of freedom.

*** Ethology is the study of animal behavior, based on zoology.

*** In the independent audit process, a certified public accountant must have an independent liability based on the benefit of the trust.

*** Lorenn Walker JD, MPH, is a health educator based in Hawaii and has extensive experience in legal and social services.

*** Regression equations and similar factors were used to compare the predicability of the ANN and the response surface method based on the binomial equations.

*** The regression model based on 45-year data (1951-1995) with the two parameters has a multiple correlation coefficient of 0. 66.

*** The conical wire image detection method based on the regression of the support vector is presented.

*** A robust method based on linear regression is presented for the estimation of the delay time of the voice signal and a better performance than the GCC method is demonstrated by experimentation in the reverberant rooms.

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