Use Academy in a Sentence

Use Academy in a sentence. How to use the word Academy in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Academy.

Definition of Academy

1. A private high school or preparatory school.

2. A school for a particular field of study.

3. An association of learned people working to promote the arts or sciences.

Examples of Academy in a sentence

*** a military academy.

*** Handmade in a classic by a genuine competitor of the Academy, assembling his masterpiece in one and winning the hearts of all who shared that “image time”.

*** The personal Guernica of Kitaj was exhibited at the Royal Academy.

*** After years of poverty, in which he earned his living as a tutor, he attracted the attention of Frederick the Great, who made him a member of the Royal Academy of Sciences in Berlin and gave him official encouragement for the last eight years of his life.

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